A safe space for Black Queer parents to create deep connections and build support systems for ourselves and our families.

A real safe space for Black queer xHood without the BS

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Building upon our history of creating a chosen family.

xHood is the first community group and organization created in service of Black queer family building and nurturing journeys. From simply sharing space with other Black queer caregivers to finding affirming healthcare providers, we actively prioritize Black queer folx and our needs.

Mommy communities, even the Black Mom spaces, are afraid to sit at our intersection for fear of isolation or forsaking part of the market. Lemme tell you:we’re not. We’re not afraid to loudly speak on homophobia, transphobia, systemic racism & their impact on our ability to build families equitably.

Our founder Mia is building a new community and family planning experience that is for an by us. Join the waitlist to be the first to experience our new platform.

We’re a true family

Our Support Looks Like

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Curating safe forums for parents and soon-to-be parents to connect.

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Facilitating fundraisers to support families in need because this is what family is about!

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Maintaining a directory of affirming care providers.

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Hosting information sessions with fertility clinics, donor banks, attorneys, insurance providers, financial planners and more. Get the answers you need from experts.

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Providing photoshoots of Black Queer families. Hello, representation!

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Hosting virtual baby

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Financially assisting families with family building.

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Hosting niche parent connections for new parents, single/solo parents, Masculine of Center parents, and non-binary parents.

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Grief support when parents are experiencing loss.

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Conception and Adoption peer support and coaching to help you navigate these intimidating processes.

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Family planning before, during and after gender-affirming transitions.

Calling all Black queer folx anywhere on their journey to and through parenting.

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