A community for Black Queer people to build and nurture healthy families and parent happy children.

About xHood

xHood is creating a community of Black queer people who feel empowered in their ability to build and nurture healthy families and parent happy children. By guiding and supporting the Black LGBTQ+ community as they navigate the impacts of the Black reproductive health crisis, systemic racism, homophobia and transphobia on our family building and nurturing journey.

Mia Cooley


Mia Cooley is a community builder and parenting coach. She specializes in supporting Black and/or Queer families through all of those special and at times frustrating moments on the journey to and through babies. When she’s not connecting families with resources that help them build and nurture children she’s a published writer and fellow Black Woman working in technology.

meet the team

Chinere Jenkins


Community Manager, Love & Belonging

DJ Adams-Walker


Community Manager, Representation & Empowerment

Karissa Garmon


Community Manager, Youth Advocacy

Daisha Cureton


Community Manager, Trying to Conceive

Dinea Elliot Collins


Community Manager, Birth & Wellness

Kandy Stewart


Community Manager, Safety & Security

Jessica Schrody


Manager, Growth and Socials

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